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Remote Account





Check this box to make this remote account active.


A unique name for the account within this Domain.


Specify here the host name of the server that this remote account should collect messages from.


NOTE: In the case pop3/imap run on non-standard ports, you can specify them:

Server type

Specify the protocol that should be used to collect messages:


Use the POP3 protocol to collect messages.


Use the IMAP4 protocol to collect messages.

NOTE: The local account (specified in the Forward to: field, see below) must be an IMAP4 account.

ALSO: When the POP3 protocol for a remote server is used, message downloads can overlap – it can cause a message dupe. If so, use POP3 with POP3 locking – enable it using API Console (the c_system_pop3_locking variable). In this case, only one connection at a time is realized.


You need to specify the Username that is used to access the remote server to collect mail.


The password for the Username specified above.

Log in using APOP

For extra security, and if the remote server supports it, you can specify that APOP is used for the login process.

APOP is a secure login method using md5 encryption.


Specifies whether to use a TLS/SSL connection to access the remote account.

We recommend leaving this option as the default (Detect TLS/SSL).

Detect TLS/SSL

The remote connection will be checked using the CAPA command for TLS support.

If supported the connection will continue in TLS/SSL mode

Direct TLS/SSL

The connection will be made using TLS/SSL.

Disable TLS/SSL

No TLS/SSL will be used - a non-secured TCP/IP connection will be established.

Forward to

An account should be specified here where messages will be forwarded if the local recipient cannot be found.

In the case you use DOMAIN POP, the email address specified here receives emails where IceWarp Server cannot DISCERN to whom to send mails fetched via a remote account to.

NOTE: If you specify a path to a mailbox here, the folder structure of the remote server is created within this mailbox and no filters or AntiSpam processing is applied.

You should also be aware that original receive times are only kept for IMAP collection as POP3 does not provide this information.


Use the Schedule button to open the standard Schedule dialog where you can define a schedule for mail collection.

NOTE: You can also set a global schedule , allowing you to default to that schedule rather than defining one for each remote account.

NOTE: Choosing the Every x minutes option for email download and setting it to a short interval (say 5 or 10 minutes) can cause download overlaps.

If this situation occurs, you can resolve it by enabling POP3 locking:

C_System_POP3_Locking = $31E; // Bool POP3 does not allow multiple login of one account 0

Use this command:

tool modify system C_System_POP3_Locking 1

Connect Now

Use this button to connect to the remote server and collect mail immediately.


NOTE: You may want/need to reset a downloaded emails index for a specific user. In the <install_dir>/config/<domain> directory, find the remote.<user_name>.<alphanumeric_string> file and delete it.

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