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Database Settings

ODBC Settings

ODBC settings dialog lets you specify the ODBC source, connection details, create and drop tables and perform a connection test.



Primary connection

This field specifies the complete connection string to the ODBC source. It contains the DSN, Server, username and password.

Backup connection

The backup connection string serves as a backup solution if the primary connection cannot be used. It has the same format as the Primary connection.

Database Syntax


Choose the database type that corresponds to your database from the drop-down list.

The default option is MS Access, which is included with IceWarp Server.

SQLite, from Microsoft, is a text-file based DB system which is also included with IceWarp Server.

Database Driver

Choose the DB driver that corresponds to your database.

The default option is ODBC.




Create Tables

This button creates the required tables in the ODBC source. You have to create the right tables for every ODBC source.

Drop Tables

The created tables will be deleted from the ODBC source using this button.

Test Connection

Always perform the ODBC connection tests. If the test is successful you setup all the information properly. If not you have to make changes.

Step by step:

  1. Create a System DSN in the Control Panel - Administrator Settings - ODBC Data Sources to connect to your DB. Make sure it is a System DSN and not a User DSN.
  2. Fill in the proper connection string. Specify a backup connection if required. Test with the Test Connection button.
  3. Create the tables using the Create Tables button.
  4. Press the OK button.

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